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na na na na, na na na na….

Sadly, I live in Florida. Guess that means I should post this.


well the chorus line is coming on stage, so it’s almost fat lady time for Herr Rudolph

Breaking: Richardson Out

Presser set for 1/10

Fox Attacks

Don’t think for a second that the wignut attack machine isn’t going to go after Obama as much as they would have Hillary


Bill-o goes beserk
fu bill o
faux news…fascist bully-boys and nothing more


The Republican establishment’s rather open and ugly hostility toward Mike Huckabee has been widely noted.   Several reasons have been given for the Huck-a-hate, but I think one cause is most basic: Huckabee’s support is a real people powered movement.  Now, I don’t like Huckabee, and could never support him, but I do like the fact that his support (and to a lesser extent Ron Paul’s support) represent something anathema to the modern conservative movement: people thinking for themselves.


My unofficial support has mostly been for Chris Dodd.  However, as the primary season really begins, I think its important to back a progressive candidate that can remain viable in the race.