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Breaking: Richardson Out

Presser set for 1/10


More Faux News Follies

They really do just make stuff up.

you cry, and then you cry again

The to be expected drivel from the wing-nuts and the pundits/heathers crowd about Hillary’s tears can be summed up as “there’s no crying in politics”.

Well, when it comes to crying, pass the GOP the tissues

Today’s must read

Bill in Portland Maine delievers a good follow up to my point below. What we have to keep our eyes on the prize and not let the ups and downs of primary season make us forget the good work that remains to be done.

First things first

I didn’t get to post much yesterday, but today’s posts will cover the NH results.  The first, and most important, thing to make note of from yesterday’s contest is that once again, Democratic turn-out swamped Republican turn-out. 

Fox Attacks

Don’t think for a second that the wignut attack machine isn’t going to go after Obama as much as they would have Hillary

an asshat looks like this


The endless war crowd begin their attacks on Obama